Men's Casual Denim Jeans

  • $35.00

Men's Casual Denim Jeans

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Please check the Size Chart before order. If you are not sure the size, please send message to us.

Size Waist Hip Line Length
28 70cm/27.56" 92cm/36.22" 103cm/40.55"
29 73cm/28.74" 94cm/37.01" 106cm/41.73"
30 77cm/30.31" 97cm/38.19" 108cm/42.52"
31 80cm/31.50" 100cm/39.37" 108cm/42.52"
32 83cm/32.68" 103cm/40.55" 110cm/43.31"
33 87cm/34.25" 106cm/41.73" 110cm/43.31"
34 90cm/35.43" 109cm/42.91" 110cm/43.31"
36 93cm/36.61" 112cm/44.09" 110cm/43.31"
38 97cm/38.19" 115cm/45.28" 110cm/43.31"

Size:28 Waist:70cm/27.56" Hip Line:92cm/36.22" Length:103cm/40.55"
Size:29 Waist:73cm/28.74" Hip Line:94cm/37.01" Length:106cm/41.73"
Size:30 Waist:77cm/30.31" Hip Line:97cm/38.19" Length:108cm/42.52"
Size:31 Waist:80cm/31.50" Hip Line:100cm/39.37" Length:108cm/42.52"
Size:32 Waist:83cm/32.68" Hip Line:103cm/40.55" Length:110cm/43.31"
Size:33 Waist:87cm/34.25" Hip Line:106cm/41.73" Length:110cm/43.31"
Size:34 Waist:90cm/35.43" Hip Line:109cm/42.91" Length:110cm/43.31"
Size:36 Waist:93cm/36.61" Hip Line:112cm/44.09" Length:110cm/43.31"
Size:38 Waist:97cm/38.19" Hip Line:115cm/45.28" Length:110cm/43.31"

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